• Chiselbury Publishing!

    I am delighted to announce that, since February 2023, I have been part of
    the Chiselbury stable of writers.


    Working closely with owner and manager, Stuart Leasor, is a joy.


    In the first twelve months we have produced the City Fox the complete collection, an updated version of Living in the Moment, The Celebrant,
    Conversations With My Dog, and have also republished Monk, the first book in
    the Dark Steps series, under the Chiselbury banner.

  • New Book Launch In June 2024


    The second book in the dark Steps series.

    Scheduled for publication in June 2024.

    In this thrilling sequel to Monk, Raphael Ward finds himself having to make the most important decision of his life. And he cannot afford to fail.

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  • ​​​​​Poem longlisted!

    My poem, ‘Sandwiched’ was longlisted in the prestigious Plaza Prize international literary competition.

    Here it is:

    Mum made chegg sandwiches every Monday and Friday.
    Cheese and egg.
    Nothing special. 
    Other than they were mum’s sandwiches.
    Nothing special, other than they are my memories - repetitive and well-spread.

    My memories tell me I should have realised something sooner.
    They make me hope that my children will.

    They leave me feeling uncertain, regretful, blessed.

    I live too often in my memories.
    Too often it seems there is nowhere else to live.
    They follow, hidden in my shadow.
    They wait round corners.
    They disguise themselves in every new day.
    So far, I’ve found it impossible to escape their inside-outness,
    their all-aroundness.
    Everything I do – sandwiched.

    ​One day my memories will stop.

    I wonder if I’ll notice?

    Nothing special.