Chris Parker

A lifetime of writing

About Me
  • Protector

    In this thrilling
    sequel to Monk, Raphael Ward finds himself having to make the most important decision of his life. And he cannot afford to fail.

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  • Monk

    A thriller. The first book in the Dark Steps series.

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  • The Celebrant

    A ghost story and murder mystery.

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  • the City Fox & others in our community the complete collection

    Engaging, emotive and thought-provoking poems that explore the
    relationship between community, communication and learning.

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  • Conversations With My Dog  

    A practical, philosophical and scientific guide to communicating well both professionally and personally.

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  • Living in the Moment. The Sayings & Wisdom of Epiah Khan.

    A collection of quotes, poetry and spiritual guidance from the apocryphal Middle Eastern mystic and martial artist, Epiah Khan.

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Other Fiction

  • Influence

    The most powerful people alive have the greatest influence. And they can use it for good or bad.

  • Belief

    The second bookin the Marcus Kline trilogy.

  • Faith                  

    The final book in the Marcus Kline trilogy.  

  • Amok

    A thriller set in the UK and Malaysia.

  • Insights

    Along The Warrior’s Path.
    A collection of short stories.

  • Kyoki

    A horror story, combining mystery and martial arts.

  • Chaney’s Choice

    A psychological thriller.

  • The Brain Always Wins

    A practical guide to improving your life through better brain management.

  • The Diego Masciaga Way

    Lessons in how to provide exceptional customer service.

  • Five Essential Ingredients for Business Success

    ​Key principles and practices for creating and maintaining  business success.


    How to campaign communications to achieve desired outcomes.

  • 101 Communication tips for managers

    Straightforward, practical advice for managers wanting to influence effectively in the workplace. 

  • Developing Management Skills for Leadership

    A theoretical and practical book
    for anyone wishing to develop their ability to manage and lead.