A Lifetime of Writing

I've been writing professionally for nearly 40 years.

I've written, or contributed to, over 20 books published by several different publishers and have been an Amazon best-selling author.

I was also a columnist and features writer for several magazines between 1986 and 2007

My books are a mix of:

  • Fiction. 
  • Non-fiction. 
  • Poetry.
  • Philosophy/ sayings.
  • Biography.

However, this is not all that I do and, inevitably, some of my writing is influenced by my other interests.

Most significantly, I started training in Malaysian martial arts in 1976 and began a daily meditation practice at the same time.

A lifelong fascination with, and study of, communication and influence, also started in the same decade.

Nearly ten years later I added breathing exercises to my daily routine.

I continued to study, and now teach, all of these.

And, of course, I continue to write...